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Preconstruction Planning

Planning a flexible open Automation and Control system is an important first step when evaluating building automation contractors.  An open system will keep you from being tied to a proprietary closed system that can only be serviced by ONE contractor. We deliver the BACnet protocol so that we can communicate with ANY native BACnet, ASHRAE 135 system.

Software N4 Jace 
Emulation Modelling

Before we begin to install any system, we develop a set of tools specifically designed to meet your building requirements as specified by the Architect/Engineer.  We can produce a "soft" automation system and simulate the actions of the system well before it is installed at the site.  That gives us a distinct advantage of producing actual conditions that will be encountered by the installed control system, and make any necessary corrections or modifications long before the hardware is ever installed.

Construction Project

Besides leading a team from a strategic perspective, our project managers manage from an operational point of view with not only a vast knowledge of controls, but an in-depth knowledge of mechanical systems.  If you don't know how a system is supposed to operate, how do you expect to control it?  Project start up, project completion, and the entire close-out processes are the big three in our industry.  We deliver on what we promise.



  • Uplift Mighty, Fort Worth, TX

  • Uplift Grand, Grand Prairie, TX

  • Uplift Forest, Fort Worth, TX

  • Uplift Pinnacle, Dallas, TX

  • Uplift Chapin, Fort Worth, TX

  • CAE Aviation Training, DFW, TX

  • Bombardier Pilot Training Center, DFW TX

  • DISD Ross (reno), Dallas, TX

  • Temple Shearith Israel, Dallas, TX

Office/High Rise


  • Two Hickory, Dallas, TX

  • Aetna, Corporate, Arlington, TX

  • 4441 W Airport Frwy, Irving, TX

  • 4601 Medical Ctr, McKinney, TX

  • Duke Bridge 2 (reno), Frisco, TX

  • 5005 W Royal, Irving, TX

  • One Panorama, Irving, TX

Health Care
  • Texas Oncology, Abilene, TX

  • Texas Oncology, Desoto, TX

  • Texas Oncology, Weatherford, TX

  • Texas Oncology, Mesquite, TX

  • Baylor PCA, Greenville, TX

  • NEC Care Center, Texarkana, TX 

  • NEC Care Center, San Angelo, TX

  • Complete Care, Stephenville, TX

  • Emergis ER, Fort Worth, TX

  • Emergis ER, Dallas, TX

  • Wise ER, Argyle, TX

  • Wise ER (reno), Southlake, TX

  • Code 3 ER, Denton, TX

  • Code 3 ER, DFW, TX

  • Liberty Dialysis, Dallas, TX

  • Aprima Health, Richardson, TX

  • Key Pharmaceutical, Irving, TX

  • Eagle Laboratories, FTW, TX

  • Ft Worth Surgery Ctr, FTW, TX

  • Texas Military Forces, Pasadena, TX

  • Texas Military Forces, Westheimer, TX

  • Texas Military Forces, Grand Prairie, TX

  • Texas Military Forces, Austin, TX

  • Texas Military Forces, Weslaco, TX

  • Dennison City Hall, Dennison, TX

  • Travis County Sobriety, Austin, TX

  • Irving Fire Station, Irving, TX

  • Argyle Fire Station, Argyle, TX

Office/High Rise

Boxer Property

  • 1910 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX

  • Northbrook Atrium, Dallas,TX

  • 4100 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX

  • 4100 Spring Valley, Dallas,TX

  • 4101 McEwen, Dallas, TX

  • 4001 McEwen, Dallas, TX

  • 4099 McEwen, Dallas, TX

  • 4000N McEwen, Dallas, TX

  • 4000S McEwen, Dallas, TX

  • 8035 RL Thorton, Dallas, TX

  • 8500 Stemmons, Dallas, TX

  • 8330 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX

  • 8360 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX

  • 2735 Villa Creek, Dallas, TX

  • 2775 Villa Creek, Dallas, TX

  • 2727 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX

  • 13601 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX

  • 12200-300 Ford Rd, Dallas, TX

Automobile Dealers
  • Boardwalk Ferrari, Plano, TX

  • Clearlake Honda, Houston, TX

  • Waxahatchie Nissan, Waxahatchie, TX

  • Toyota of Rockwall, Rockwall, TX



Product Considerations

We design our stable of products around the needs of our customers and their necessity for an open, non proprietary system, that provides a solution, without being tied to a single service contractor.  Our Niagara based systems can be modified or serviced by any Niagara Certified contractor, without the need for ultra expensive retrofits.  In most cases, we can replace the front-end of any native BACnet system, discover the existing controllers, and reprogram the graphics with comparably little cost as compared to proprietary products.


In most cases, the key to developing a cost effective, dependable building automation system, is to start with a company that provides consistently good service; keeps up with the current technology; and keeps YOU, the customer, well informed.  




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